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Formed in April 1938, under the name Alcindo S.Vieira & Cia. Ltda., Was dedicated initially to construction. Gradually expanded its operations in 1944 and was renamed themselves Construction Alcindo S.Vieira Ltda., Becoming, then, into a corporation.

With steady growth over the following years, the company also started to work on other construction segments such as earthwork and paving, industrial and real estate works.

In the late 50’s, the opportunity to build Usiminas implicated in the creation of the Construction Valley Piracicaba – CONVAP controlled by Alcindo Vieira and other associated companies. This transaction resulted in the acquisition by the company in 1972, the share control of Vale Construction of Piracicaba SA – CONVAP, and their incorporation into Alcindo Vieira, who now called himself Construction Alcindo Vieira – CONVAP SA, which, unifying their activities , also started to work in important areas of heavy construction such as dams, manufacturing and assembly of structures and tunnels, among others.

On April 29, 1987, the corporate name of the company was changed to “CONVAP Engineering and Construction SA”.

Maintaining the quality and use of advanced technologies allowed conducting nearly 500 public and private works in the various fields of the construction industry, always with full satisfaction of its customers and placing it among the largest construction the country.

So it is important that CONVAP built units from virtually every major Brazilian steel companies such as Usiminas, Tubarão Steel Company, Açominas, National Steel Company, Cia. Brazilian Iron Cosipa Cosigua, Mannesmann, making it surely the Brazilian construction company greater participation in this type of construction.

Also built great industries of other branches, as part of Fiat Automobiles and Aracruz Celulose SA, in the Holy Spirit.

Participated in expressive way the works of great Brazilian miners such as Cia. Vale do Rio Doce (Vitória-Minas Railroad, Railroad Carajás, Extension Costa Lacerda, Mine Timbopeba, Pelletizing Plants, Treatment Plant Ore Caue, tunnels and miscellaneous) bridges, and facilities of the Samarco Germano Mines.

Built major dams as part of the second and the whole third stage HPP Cachoeira Dourada in Rio Parnaíba, the UHE Mascarenhas, Rio Doce, and part of the Serra da Mesa hydroelectric plant on the Tocantins River.

Performed several stretches of railways, besides the above mentioned, having built for the Steel 10 tunnels, which, added to the other tunnels running cited railroads and highways (Piaçaguera-Guaruja) for other specific purposes, such as Reservoir Tunnel adductor Rio das Velhas, in Belo Horizonte, CONVAP put in one of the biggest Brazilian construction tunnel position.

Built important stations Water Treatment, as Guaraú to Sabesp in São Paulo at the time considered the largest in Latin America, and the Water Treatment Plant of Nova Lima, in the Velhas River, to Belo Horizonte.

Built important stretches of the largest Brazilian highways like BR-040 (Rio-Belo Horizonte stretch and Belo Horizonte – Brasília), BR-262, BR-116, BR-381, BR-106, BR-060, BR-354, BR -364, BR-163, etc., of state highways in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Alagoas, Goias, Pernambuco, etc., should highlight how striking feature of his performance in the road sector the excellent quality that has always been characteristic of his works, translated, for example, durability and perfection of road pavements that run and that can still be found in all of them.

The CONVAP also built large numbers of urban and public buildings, among the latter may cite the Headquarters of DNER in Brasilia for its unusual area of ​​about 87,000 square meters.

Also built the Mineirinho, indoor gym in reinforced concrete span of 110 meters high, built of 80,000 square meters and capacity for 25,000 people area.

Urbanization Neighborhoods in Belo Horizonte, quote, São Benedito, Cidade Nova, Castelo e Buritis, where as the latter with full urbanized 3,332,466 m2 area with 2,721 lots.

The CONVAP have certificates of all its customers, making sure the good quality of the works executed and its perfect fulfillment of the obligations of their contracts.